My early work in filmmaking and non-profit management enhances my effectiveness as a researcher and teacher. While an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, I developed a series of films named “World Enabled” and founded an educational non-profit organization to promote equality in education. Within five years, we raised $600,000 in grants and leveraged $1.5 million to fund innovative research and community-based programs in California and abroad. The communication, fundraising, non-profit, and management skills acquired during that time uniquely prepare me to initiate and manage multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary dialogues. My service commitments strengthen research endeavors that solve complex policy problems. Recently I was asked to assist the governments of Qatar, Dubai, and Venezuela with formulating a policy based framework for disability equality and human rights.

Service includes:

Engaging with local communities in the US and abroad to build capacity for action based research through an educational non-profit World Enabled

Increasing access to higher education through mentoring underrepresented students

Fostering writing a writing community of San Francisco Bay Area postdoctoral students

Strengthening links between University and local communities

Advising public sector initiatives with national and multinational organizations including:
UNICEF | Children’s Rights & Emergency Relief Organization
UNESCO , UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), UN Economic and Social Commission on Asia Pacific (UNESCAP), ASEAN Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP), International Disability Alliance (IDA)